Thursday, July 16, 2009

Katrina Kaif Opens Up About Salman Khan and Her Relationship

It may be hard to believe but Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif has known her boyfriend Salman Khan for six years, however, neither one has openly talked about their former relationship. Yet, while she is keeping mum on the actual relationship, she is opening up about Salman the man and how she knows him personally.
"He has been a wonderful person for the last six years I have known him. He has got a great soul and he is very fearless. He is not afraid of anything and he is not an insecure person. A lot of people live their lives with so much insecurity - fear of rejection, of losing things. But he doesn't fear. And he tries to teach me that," Katrina was quoted as saying.

She also revealed that Salman has a way of negating bad things in others and instead sees their positive side. She also added that Salman has been a guide for her in Bollywood and in life.
"For me, he has been a great teacher and a great guide. He has seen me grow up in the last six years. For 18 to 24 is a journey, especially for a young girl. At times, he says you are changing. And I say, I am changing because I am growing. He says, 'Be careful, don't change into something that is not good'," said Katrina.
So why is she willing to talk about all that but not their romantic relationship?
Well Katrina says she's too much of a sensitive person to make her private life public, thus she chooses not to talk about it. So what do you guys think about Katrina's thoughts on Salman Khan? Drop us a comment with your own thoughts below!

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