Monday, January 4, 2010

Leona Lewis Falls Off Her Horse, Sports Crutches But No Major Injuries

British songbird Leona Lewis, A few months ago a fan punched her in the face at her book signing, and then just a day before New Year's Eve, she took a tumble off her horse in L.A. and has been spotted hobbling around on crutches. The hits just keep coming! At least her music career really took off in 2009.

She wasn't seriously injured from the fall, but the songstress was apparently thrown from the horse when it took off into a speedy gallop. A friend of hers said (via Perez Hilton): “Leona was riding the day before New Year Eve and fell off when the horse started galloping too fast. She went to emergency. It was pretty scary. She had quite a tumble

Sources said she is doing well, and will get right back up on the horse -- once her boo-boos have healed.

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