Friday, January 1, 2010

Travis Pastrana New Year's Eve 2009: Accomplishes World Record Rally Car Jump

Travis Pastrana set a New Year's Eve world record for jumping his Subaru Impreza WRX STI 274 feet across Pine Avenue Pier in Long Beach, California. The motocross champion and stunt performer launched his car over open water, careening into a wall after the jump, but emerged victoriously and unscathed.

Travis Pastrana (Getty) His 274-foot jump over open water, from pier to pier, beat the previous rally car record of 171 feet. The jump was televised on ESPN live, after the Chick-Fill-A Bowl this evening, in front of a screaming audience. Pastrana backflipped into the water after setting the record.

He'd apparently been practicing jumps that distance in the desert, but he was still a little nervous about the real deal. He said previously (via "I'm still scared to death. There's always a risk. But it's worth it to wake up every morning with a passion."

See the jump video from New Year's Eve here:

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